Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Comics this week

Darkseid War: Batman #1- It shows how good the Darkseid War is that DC is actually having tie-ins for a sotry that is only shown in the regular Justice League series. Usually tie-ins are for events, not regular storylines but the Darkseid War is so good, expectations is being made. Unfortunately, this tie-in just does not do it for me. Writer Peter Tomasi and artist Ferando Pasarin tried their best but a sideshow of Batman in the Mobius just that; a sideshow. I mean it's hard to take this issue seriously when the cosmos is out of whack, Darkseid is dead, and the Anti-Monitor War is still out there. Having Batman confront a small-time hood like Joe Chill is just too much of a climb down to take seriously. 

Secret Six #7- Now that the first arc is out of the way and the team is now together, writer Gail Simone can get into the meat of the Secret Six. Basically how could a bunch of no-good second rate villains work together as one and why would they do so. The main plot Simone has is the protection of one of their own; 16 year old Black Alice. I like the twist that the villainous magical villains were incline to give Alice a chance than the heroes and what's more is the reasoning behind it. The heroes do not want to risk the survival of the world while the villains...well, they don't care as much about the risks to the world. Sort of make sense why Black Alice would eventually becomes a villain right? 

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