Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Comics this week

Astro City #29- A lot of times, comic books has heroes charging to alien planets kicking butt and taking names. To these heroes (and to us reader), they are the good guys righting some wrongs. Writer Kurt Busiek is now trying to turn that on its head by having the latest story of Astro City set on one of these alien worlds that is being attacked by these Earth heroes. Honestly, this issue has a lot of world-building as Busiek try to give us insight to the culture and beliefs of the alien world. The info-dump is a little too much but the idea is great and between Busiek and artist Brent Anderson, I have no doubt, this arc is going to be great.

Ms. Marvel #1- What do you do when a young hero finally makes it? For Kamala Khan, she gets to join the Avengers and become the icon of Jersey. She has become one of those heroes she always admires. Now she has to face the fallout. She has little time for school and no time for romance. Taking the hint, her old friend Bruno now has a girlfriend and Kamala finds that she’s more than a little jealous of the new couple. Even though she has no right to because she was the one who said she can’t be in a romance with Bruno. She knows that but… Not only that, Ms. Marvel is accused of being a sellout by joining the big leagues and ignoring the people of Jersey. Writer G. Willow Wilson does a fine job here of showing the problems that comes with being a successful superhero. This new series is off to a good start.

Payback #3- This series has been a nice surprise thus far and writers Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal fully intend to continue that trend. The back-story of Ms. Adventure is pretty standard and I figured it out at the end of the last issue but the rest of the issue is great. The reasoning behind all the murders put a good twist to Mr. Pierce and I especially like the way it was Skisquatch and The Soviet Nunchuck (the two seemingly dumb brutes) who were the smart ones in this issue. The art by Geoff Shaw also seems to be getting better and better. Keep this going guys! 

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