Monday, November 23, 2015

Crazy Football Fans

I'm not a big fan of Rafael Benitez but when I read that his job as the boss of Spanish giant Real Madrid is under threat due to a 4-0 loss to arch rival Barcelona, I can't help but think what insane idiots football fans could be. 

Yes, losing 4-0 to Barcelona is bad but for fans to call for his resignation now is crazy. Rafael Benitez was only appointed to the post recently, and in the 16 games he had been in charge, Madrid had lost a grand total of just 2 games. Does that sound like the record of a manger doing a lousy job to you? If yes, why the hell is Jose still at Chelsea? 

This remains me of last season when Newcastle fans chased then manager Alan Pradew out of St. James Park despite him doing a good job there. Pradew is now chasing for a spot in Europe at Crystal Palace while Newcastle is in danger of relegation.  I hope the same thing happen now. I hope Madrid don't have any success this season. Their fans don't deserve it. 

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