Thursday, November 19, 2015

Waste Of Money

That's my thought when I heard that the LTA (Land Transport Authority) intend to design and build a system where people do not need to tap their Ezlink card when they enter or exit public transport like buses and the MRT.

The idea of a totally hands free system might sound good on paper but I really have to ask; do we really need such a system? I mean what's so hard about tapping your card when you enter the bus or the MRT? Is it that inconvenient and inefficient that we need to spend millions of dollars to develop such a system?

No! Why is LTA even considering this when the MRT trains keep breaking down every few weeks? If the LTA want to spend millions fixing the trains to prevent the breakdowns, then I'm all for it. Spending money on a hands free system? That's nothing but a total waste of money. Sorry LTA, but get your priority straight. Fix what's important.


The said...

It depends on how much the new contact-less system is going to cost. If it is reasonable, then by all means go ahead. This system will be a separate issue with the breakdown causes and both can proceed side by side. It will be a boon for those who have both hands occupied with groceries or luggage. Have you ever seen people struggling to fish the card/wallet/purse out while both hands are occupied?

Ghost said...

Considering that the system will be in all buses and MRT station, I think it's fair to say it will cause at least a few millions. Is that important when we keep having the trains breaking down?
I don't think so. When people struggle to fish their card/wallet/purse, is that a fault of the system? No, it's the problem with the commuters, not the ezlink system. I think the LTA should concentrate on fixing the existing problems first before trying to do something which is not a problem.