Monday, November 30, 2015

No Innocent

Almost everyone is talking about the Uber driver who got hit by a LTA (Land Transport Authority) enforcement officer. Most are talking about how the officer is beating up an old man, but there’s one thing I have to say after watching the video.

The guy was asking for it.

Seriously, I think anyone watching the video can safely conclude that the Uber driver was acting very aggressively against the LTA officer. According to Sunday Times report, the driver actually provoked LTA officer to book him and had been waiting at the taxi-stand for his passenger.

So the Uber driver was in the wrong waiting at the taxi-stand and when the officer arrived, he challenged the officer? I won’t say the officer was right in hitting the Uber driver but…well, you have to say the guy was asking for it. 

The LTA officer may be in the wrong, but after seeing the video I can't say the Uber driver was in the right. All I can say is that in this situation, no one comes out of it an angel. 


Anonymous said...

I would have done the same if I was the LTA guy. This is called abusing people who are simply doing their job. Bloody Uber driver needed to get his ass whipped. Now the freaking coward is playing the poor victim card because he got floored. Bastard

Ghost said...

A lot of people who I know who had seem the video also has the same impression as me. The guy was hardly innocent and I have to wonder if all those people who are blaming the LTA officer had actually seem the video.