Monday, June 6, 2016

Comics this week

Deadly Class #21- Wow! I did not expect that ending and I doubt if anyone did. I will admit this arc hasn’t been my favorite but what a way to finish it. Writer Rick Remender and artist Wes Craig raise the bar high sky in this issue and the shocking ending was the coup de grâce to a WOW issue. If you had read any issue of Deadly Class before, pick this one up! It is THAT important.

Spider-Women Omega #1- As I said before, the Spider-women crossover has been a hit-and-miss affair, but credit to writer Dennis Hopeless for saving the best for last. After a series of lackluster fights, there is finally a big showdown as Gwen, Cindy, and Jessica team-up against Earth-65 Cindy Moon. Artist Nico Leon did a great job showing the action and I especially enjoyed the powers Earth-65 Cindy Moon showed. Not a great crossover, but this was a satisfying conclusion to the "Spider-Women" event.

Superman: Rebirth #1- With the New 52 Superman dead and gone, this new start from writer Peter J. Tomasi starts from the past. The old, mature and classic Superman from Lois & Clarke will headline this new Superman series and from the get-go, Tomasi showed why. This is a great start, making me care for Superman in a way the young New 52 Superman never could. I‘m a little worried about the biweekly release but it will be Interesting to see if DC can maintain this quality.  

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