Friday, June 24, 2016

Comics this week

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #8- Everyone has assumed that Lunella’s superpower is her intelligence but after getting infected by the Inhuman mist, we see her true powers and why this series is called Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur! One thing I truly enjoy about this issue is the fascinating friendship that develops between Lunella and her pet dinosaur. Writer Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare need to develop that further. It’s the best part of the issue.

Ms. Marvel #8- Willow Wilson has been the writer of Ms. Marvel since the start and her knowledge and deft hands show in this issue which looks like the beginning of a pivotal chapter in Kamala's ongoing story. Kamala’s hero-worship of Carol Danver has been evident from the start but what will happen if Kamala got a different point-of-view from Captain Marvel? Guess it’s time for Kamala to grow up as a hero.

Rai #14- I must I am digging all these 4001 tie-ins of Rai. Much like #13, this issue show a past Rai and her (yes, it’s a her) relationship with Father. The story by Matt Kindt and art from CAFU make this issue a standout as we get an informative snapshot of not only Rai but Father as well. The idea that Father’s decision to change his Rais is due to the needs of the ever changing nature of human society is intriguing to say the least. I hope we get more stories like this in the future. It’s a masterpiece. 

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