Thursday, June 16, 2016

Comics this week

Justice League #51- After the heavy Darkseid War, writer Dan Abnett went for some light-hearted fare this issue. This issue show the first meeting between the Justice League and Robin. I suspect this is mostly used to promote the new Titans series but you know what? I dig this issue. This is a fun issue that showed the team fighting together against multiple threats, and winning via good strategy and teamwork. Nowhere as important as anything that happened in the Darkseid War, but still a very good issue.

Spider-Gwen #9- Taking place immediately after the events in the Spider-Women crossover, this issue shows a depress Gwen Stacy questioning her place in the world. From the first moment we saw her, Spider-Gwen already has her powers and I have to admit writer Jason Latour’s take on the fallout of Gwen losing her powers is very good. Despite the problems that come with her powers, in many ways those powers are what defined Gwen Stacy for us readers; even more so than they ever did with Peter Parker because we had never once seen her without her powers.  So we can understand Gwen’s fear of losing them. If Latour play this right, this could be the beginning of a very good arc.   

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