Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Russian Warning

With Euro 2016 underway, the big news overshadowing the football is the fighting in the streets of France. For 3 days before the game between Russia and England, English fans had been fighting in the streets of Marseille.

So to the surprise of no one, on the days of the game between Russia and England, trouble erupted between English and Russian fans. Hundreds of Russian fans charged through a flimsy security cordon at the Stade Velodrome following the final whistle in the 1-1 draw to attack England fans and UEFA just handed the Russian Football Union a suspended disqualification from Euro 2016 and a fine of €150,000. This means Russia will be kicked out of Euro 2016 if their fans cause problems inside the stadium again.

I have to ask this; what about England?

I mean I’m no fan of Russia but their fans caused trouble for 1 day. English fans have been causing trouble for 3! Somehow UEFA say because they cause problems inside the stadium, Russia can be thrown out. However, doesn’t that mean 3 days of violence by English fans on the streets of the host nation means less than the 1 day of violence in a football stadium?

Sorry UFEA but I don’t buy that. Not that I want any team to be kicked out but if you are going to issue this warning to Russia, you need to do the same thing to England. It is only fair. Their fans had been causing much more problems in France than the Russian fans.   

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