Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Crazy Ban

I have been ignoring this issue because I never thought it would happen. However since it looks like it is going to happen, I have to say this; the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) mission to ban Russian track and field athletes from competing in the Rio Olympics 2016 is just plain stupid! 

What nonsense is this about banning athletes who has never ever being caught doping? American sprinter Justin Gatlin had been caught twice for doping but he's allowed in Rio but the greatest female pole vaulter in history, Russian Yelena Isinbayeva (who has ever even been accused of doping), is not? What sense does that makes? 

If the IOC and the athletics' governing body the IAAF says that they don't trust the Russians' anti-doping program, well I say most people in the world don't trust the fact that Justin Gatlin is free of doping. Does that mean they can ban Gatlin without cause? No?

Then how can they ban Russians' athletes? The more this play out, the more it sounds like a political hit job on Russia. I hope for the sake of the IOC, they cancel this ban. It's a crazy decision.

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