Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Batman Kills!

In an article in IGN, it is stated that Ben Affleck's Batman in the recent Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice had a kill count of 21 which makes it the movie where Batman kills the most.

Every time I read about this, I feel like slapping my forehead with my hand. Guys, get this in your head; Batman kills! Not only that, Batman kills a lot and kills pretty often. In movie, in comics, in video games; Batman killed before.

Guess what people, when you shoot a missile from the Bat-mobile and the car Batman was aiming at explodes...the guy inside will die. That's the normal way of things and most of Batman's villains are ordinary thugs and criminals. Also guess what, Batman is suppose to kill people. When Batman first came out, he carried a gun and just outright shoot the criminals.

So stop making a big deal of Batman killing people. The original version of Batman is much more trigger-happy than any water-down version of Batman we currently have and yes, that includes Ben Affleck's Batman.

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