Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Comics this week

Astro City #37- It's amazing that after so many years, writer Kurt Busiek can still surprise me. I mean wow; what an issue! After the Steeljack arc, Busiek is now on another grand story arc and it is great. The story is on, get this, the musical history of Astro City. No, for real! The story starts with a travelling (magical?) musician named Silverstring in the Old West who died near Astro City and then went on to the turn of the 1900s when the music "ragtime" was the rage. The issue then ends at the start of the jazz era in the 1920s. All the while showing how the music of the time affects the people and the heroes/villains of the city. Wow! What an issue! Pick this one up people!

Justice League #1- After the "Darkseid War", I can understand why DC want to revamp the series. I mean you are just not going  to top "Darkseid War". Having said that, I must confess I'm a little disappointed by this issue. It seems like a rehash of Rebirth and much like Rebirth, it's a little underwhelming. I'll give time for writer Bryan Hitch ad artist Sandu Florea to impress me, but this is not a good start.

Rai #15- Rais can have children! Okay, that's not new. In the previous Rai series, the Rais in that series can have children so I guess it make sense the Rais of this series can have kids as well. However, I'm a little surprise writer Matt Kindt didn't push more on this angle and instead went for the action route. Still, the history of the Rais is interesting to say the least and that's never a bad thing. 

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