Thursday, July 14, 2016

Comics this week

Birthright #17- In movies, there are scenes where the main characters sit down and just talk. Often, these scenes are the highlight of the movie. A sit down in comics is much more rare but writer Joshua Williamson made it happen and artist Andrei Bressan drew the hell out of it. Yes, the Rhodes brothers got their fight but the sit down was easily the highlight of this issue. More of that and it would be great.

Web Warriors #9- Having the Web Warriors spilt all across the weave sounds like a great idea on paper but in practice…not so much. The problem is that the team is spilt over so many worlds, there just wasn’t enough time for writer Mike Costa to do justice to all of them. Having said that however, having a Harry Osborn as a Spiderman and seeing his reaction to Spider-ham were great. And the final scene? Very promising for the next issue! 

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