Monday, July 11, 2016

Euro 2016

In a year of shocks, surprises and unexpected winners, I guess it should come as no surprise that we have yet another expected champion. The Euro 2016 is over and the winner is Portugal who shocked host France in the final early this morning. 

Journeyman professional Eder scored only his fourth international goal with a 25 meter screamer that nested in the bottom left corner that gave Portugal the 1-0 victory. He scored in extra-time and with just 11 mins to go, there was no time for France to come back. 

The main man for Portugal however wasn't Eder or even captain Cristiano Ronaldo; it was coach Fernando Santos. With players like Ronaldo in attack, Portugal always has a threat going forward and Santos turned Europe's underachievers into champions by imposing a no-frills defensive scheme that's very hard to break down. 

It might be boring but it worked. Portugal is now champions of Europe. Well done! 

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