Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Airbus A380

Recently, a big deal has been made about the fact that Singapore Airlines will be the first to get the world's biggest, newest aircraft; the Airbus A380. The aircraft will be configured with 471 seats in three classes: Economy, Business and the new Singapore Airlines Suites: a class beyond First. You know for those people who thinks they are beyond first class.

I have to asked: What's the big deal? After a few days, the aircraft will be given to almost every major airline in the world. So what's the big deal? It's not as if SIA is the only airline in the world to have the A380. Let me ask: Who is the first to fly the Boeing 747? Don't know? Neither do I? Who cares?

Singapore is a country who like to think it's the world's best at anything and everything, but let's be serious here. No one cares that Changi Airport is the first home airport of the super jumbo, and why should they? Singapore, SIA; Let's not make a mountain out of this smallest of molehill.

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