Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Strange death at marathon

In another strange turn, a participant of the SAFRA Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon collapsed and died on Sunday morning. 25-year-old Captain Ho Si Qiu collapsed at the end of his 21-kilometre run and medics who attended to him were unable to prevent his death.

The cause of Captain Ho's death is still being investigated but something strange is in the air here. People who run marathons do not just died like this. If this is one incident, I say it can be a case of bad luck but Captain Ho is not the first case like this. I remember at least 3 cases like this in the past year when people died after distance races like this.

I believed there was no cause of death in the other cases, and I think the Singapore Sports Council must get to the bottom of this. Like I said earlier, people who can run marathons don't just died like this. If the reason is not found, there might be more deaths in the future, and I think everyone would like to avoid that.

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