Friday, August 3, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown 39- I have to say, 11 weeks into DC's weekly follow-up to 52, the Piper/Trickster storyline is one of the more entertaining story in the series. This issue is dominated by the Piper/Trickster thread and is therefore highly entertaining. Yes, there are still downside to this series. For one, there's no Mary Marvel this week. Instead, we get the usual 2 page appearances from Donna Troy, Jimmy Olsen, Holly and Harley in the Athenian Women's Shelter etc. Things are still painfully slow, but yeah, hopefully people will getting dying soon. (Sooner the better for some of these characters)

New Warriors #3- After a strong start, New Warriors hit a brick wall in #3. Here's the reason; The idea that a group of young, rebellious heroes fighting Tony Stark's SHIELD is a good one, but what we got here in this issue is questioning who is in the Night Thrasher's costume. Do I care? No! I want to know about the team, hell we don't even know all their names yet. Leave the mysterious leaders who are supposed to be dead stories for later, tell me about this new team.

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