Monday, August 6, 2007

Climate Change

The global climate crisis the world is facing has struck again. Helicopters has began dropping food and other essentials aid to the millions of people forced from their homes by floods across South Asia, but officials warned that the things could get worse before they get better.

The floods were triggered by unrelenting monsoon rains and glacial snow melt from the Himalayas and have flooded large swathes of India, Bangladesh and Nepal, leaving some 20 million people homeless. The numbers are just scary people. Officials have speed up rescue and relief operations, but water levels on the Ganges were still on the rise.

The melting Himalayas are part of the global warning crisis facing the world but still there are people who don't believe in it. I know because I met one person who think climate change is total nonsense. I am at a loss at this. What will it take to get these people to believe in climate change? Total world destruction?

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