Saturday, December 6, 2008

Comics this week

Secret Invasion #8- After 7 disappointing issues, Secret Invasion come to a close. I have to wonder...that's it? The big battle was I believe the showcase of the series, but if it was, it was poor. It was over quickly with the death of the Wasp, and I found it to be very unsatisfying. One death to the Skrull Queen and that's the war? Come on Marvel, you can do better than this! I didn't go through 7 issues for this. Brian Michael Bendis, you needed 3 issues to show 15 mins between issue 1 to 3; if that held true, the big fight would have lasted all of what...15 seconds? Even the final scene which show the new status quo didn't make much sense to me. Doctor Doom, Greeen Goblin willing to share power? Why did that happen? Poor

X-Men Noir #1- While not actually a fan of Marvel's various lines, I do find most of them to be extremely fun. Their new Noir line is no different. While I don't really follow the regular X-Men books anymore, I found X-Men Noir to be a fun reimagination of the X-Men mythos. Setup as a 1950s crime story, I like the various reimagined X-characters. The setting, the concept are totally different but writer Fred Van Lente did extremely well putting in several elements from the X-Men world. Black Tom as a Irish gangster, Gambit as a casino owner, Quicksilver a track star; you can't help but chuckled at such brilliant use of the characters. The art by Dennis Calero also suit the book to a T. A surprising good story with excellent art.

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