Monday, December 15, 2008

No Victory in Iraq for Bush

Since he will be out of the job next month, current U.S. President George W. Bush is on a mission to play up the achievements of his presidency. Now I find this very understandable; it’s very normal for a departing president to want to leave a good impression.

Which is why I cannot understand why he would even dream of visiting Iraq! As I had stated often on this blog, I do not believe America and her allies (including Singapore) can win in Iraq. The war was supposed to be a short, glorious war to take out the hated Saddam Hussein. Nearly six years after the U.S. invasion, U.S. troops are still in the country whose devastation has been largely due to the American-led invasion.

The Iraq war is not a victory for America, and it never will be! By bogging America down for six years, the Iraqi militias had scored a moral victory if nothing else. It’s not quite a quagmire for America but a victory is out of the question. Even if the fighting stop tomorrow and American troops has a victory parade out of Baghdad; who in their right mind will call it an American victory?

Even today, Iraq is a country with almost daily bombings, kidnappings and shootings. Even Bush wasn’t safe in Iraq! At a press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, he had to dodge a pair of shoes thrown by an enraged Iraqi. That’s at his own press conference!

If Bush want to tout his successes, then he need to avoid even a mention of Iraq and without question, avoid Iraq at all course.

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