Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Suggestion for all Illegals in Singapore

As I watch Singapore taking on Vietnam in Hanoi on TV, I'm struck by one thing. Half the team is part of the foreign talent scheme!

Half of Singapore's defence are foreigners, half the midfield are foreigners, and one of our strikers is a foreigner. The thing is that I was watching the match on ESPN, and the commentators felt that they had to explain to their viewers why Singapore has several players with such funny names. They then tried to put in an excuse for Singapore, something about how Singapore is merely trying to boost their local talent level with this foreign talent scheme and that there are many new local-born players waiting to take over from these foreign players.

I don't know which was worse; listening to the lame excuse, or trying not to laugh at the suggestions of new local-born players for our 'national' team. Let's admit it, the reason Singapore has the foreign talent scheme is to strictly to win medals. Like our silver medal in the Olympics, you are not going to see too many Singaporeans celebrating in the streets if Singapore do win the AFF Suzuki Cup for the 4th time.

Even if there are new Singapore-born players ready for the national team, they will have to fight for places in the team with all the foreigners currently playing in the S-League. The management of the national team clearly has no problems with issuing out passports like candy and I'm looking for the day when all 11 of the first team are foreign-born.

So for all the illegal overstayers in Singapore, here's a suggestion; Learn some football skills


Anonymous said...

It's all a JOKE... and that's on the Singaporeans... Sorry for being hard hitting (no pun intended to the owner of this blog).

Ghost said...

The joke is that Singapore should have lost the game, even with our foreign talent