Monday, December 1, 2008

EPL this month

2008 is almost over. With only 1 month to go before 2009, these are the noteworthy teams this month.

Top Teams this Month
Chelsea- It seems that this year instead of the Big 4, there is just the top 2. Chelsea and Liverpool has opened up a lead on Man Utd and Arsenal at the top of the EPL, and of the two, I’ve been very impressed with Chelsea. Outside a few hiccups at home, Chelsea has being playing (and winning) in style. If they keep this up (especially their 100% away record), they will win the title.

Liverpool- Like I said earlier, the Big 4 has turned into the top 2 this season. You expect Chelsea to be one of the top 2, but Liverpool? The reason for this is all down to manager Rafael Benitez. This season he has finally seen the light and stopped his crazy rotation policy. Good news for all Liverpool fans, now they just have to keep Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard healthy and they will have a chance at the title.

Aston Villa- Manager Martin O'Neill has a team that is young and fast. Gabriel Agbonlahor and Ashley Young form a good team with John Carew in attack. Garth Barry in the middle of midfield and Martin Larsen in the middle of the defense, Villa got a good spine to the team. If Carew can avoid injuries, and O’Neill can keep Barry, Villa can challenge the Big 4 this season.

Surprise Team this month
Manchester United – Of all the teams in the EPL, Man Utd would be the team you least expect to have a problem scoring goals. However that’s the problem they have and I believe it is down to the inclusion of Dimitar Berbatov. He is a good, skillful player but I’m not convinced Berbatov is right for Man Utd’s style of play. He is just not that mobile of a player and that’s the kind of striker Man Utd needs. Sir Alex Ferguson needs to change striker or change their style of play.

Disappointing Teams this month
Arsenal- Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger may have stripped William Gallas of the captaincy and gave it to Cesc Fabregas, but I feel he is missing the point there. A lot people agree with Wenger that Gallas should not said those things in the press, they say that these things should be kept indoors, but the thing is that I have yet to hear anyone say that Gallas was wrong. The thing is that nothing Gallas said was really that new. Robin van Persie has got problems in every club he played in and it’s no surprise he’s a problem in the Gunner’s dressing room as well; the youngsters at Arsenal lack steel and do not seem to have the hunger needed to strive for the title; the midfield lack bite…what’s was new? Reports say that Gallas is kind of wondering why he is made the villain in the piece; he’s not the only one.

Hull City- After the great start, Hull City has come back down to Earth. 5 losses in a row have threatened to derail their season and other teams in the EPL seem to have figured them out. Phil Brown has some work to do and will have to change some of their tactics but their great start will probably mean that they are safe this season. And survival is all Hull will ask for.

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