Friday, December 26, 2008

Comics this week

Reign in Hell #6- The war for hell take a turn as Neron has clearly beaten Satanus and Lady Blaze. Doctor Fate add to the duo's misery as he injured Lady Blaze. With their forces nearing defeat, Satanus issued out a challenge to Neron. His ego being what it is, Neron accepted the challenge. That's when Satanus came out with his trump card of a magical virus that help him defeat Neron. A WHAT? That's my reaction as well. What virus? Never in the last 5 issues was there ever any talk about a magical virus that could turn the tide of battle, now there's suddenly one? Bad move Keith Giffen.

Nova #20- I said last issue that Nova works best in space. We are still on Earth, so that's not good. Firestar and Justice are guest-stars; that's bad as well because the last thing Nova need is a remainder of what a joke the character was before Annihilation. Dear Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, please send Nova back to space ASAP. Thanks

Street Fighter II Turbo #3- I have a problem with this issue. Although the issue is pretty well-done, I always have a huge problem with Fei Long. This issue is nothing more than a Fei Long/Bruce Lee tribute issue. Not what the series need after a solid start

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