Thursday, December 11, 2008

Comics this week

Final Crisis #5- Darkseid is here! As the remaining DCU's heroes make their counterattack against the evil God's forces, other forces are entering the fight. The Green Lanterns Corp rushes to Earth, while Checkmate (and the Question) organized their final options. All these forces against Darkseid and you know what; it's just not enough. The feeling of doom is just all over this issue. You just feel that without a doubt, Darkseid will win. Hell, even Lex Luthor can't think of a way to save the planet. All bow to Darkseid!

Secret Six #4- Our misfits villains are on their way to Vegas. Along the way, they will piss each other off; stab each other; and Scandal Savage will sleep on Bane's lap like a baby (the face of Deadshot was priceless). All while driving in a ice cream truck! What's there not to like; Collect this series NOW!

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