Thursday, May 14, 2009

Comics this week

War of Kings: Ascension #2- With the War of Kings in full swing, Ascension show how Darkhawk will influence the war. The cosmic rod and the introduction of Blasterr are good but War of Kings: Ascension faces a huge problem as everything takes place in either the Negative Zone or Null Space. Which means this issue has nothing to do with the war at all. Once I finish with the issue, I can’t help but think of it as a set-up issue to the War of Kings proper. Don’t get me wrong, this issue is well written and War of Kings: Ascension has a promising plot (the Fraternity of Raptors sound very interesting) but they need to get a move on. The War of Kings is stopping for no one.

Secret Warriors #4- After a straightforward first 3 issues, Brian Bendis and Jonathan Hickman's decided to throw up a few more plots into Secret Warriors. There’s Nick Fury’s robot doubles, Nick Fury’s new Howling Commandos, Daisy's mission to recruit Yo-Yo's replacement in the Outback. The last plot really gets to me. Whenever Marvel comes out with a new team book, it seems almost mandatory now for the team to change their line-up within 4 issues. I mean I hardly knows who Yo-Yo Rodriguez is, how am I suppose to care about her injury and her replacement? That’s one trend I think Marvel can cut out.

Secret Six #9- Secret Six has been on a roll ever since its first issue, which is why #9 is such a disappointment. This issue is like part 2 of #8 that showed what the members for a little R&R for the Six. #8 showcase Deadshot, Jeanette, and Scandal, so its’ now the turn of Catman, Bane and Ragdoll. The 3 of them found themselves in Gotham in the wake of Batman’s apparent death. It shows the 3 stopping a series of kidnapping as a simple way to honor the Bat. Along the way, writer Gail Simone makes room for some character development like Catman’s hatred of self-righteous superheroes and how Bane’s propensity for violence is guided by his own code of honor. Ragdoll…he seems to be there for a few laughs. Nonetheless, there’s just fundamentally wrong with 3 villains going to Gotham to honor Batman, especially when one of once almost killed him. As misguided as the main characters are, they are first and foremost villains. I would think they would be jumping for joy at Batman’s demise, now honoring him by carrying on his work. That just seems wrong for these characters.

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