Friday, May 29, 2009


A few days ago I did a “Best of…” article for MMORPG games I had played, so I guess it’s only fair that I do a “Worst of…” article for MMORPG games I had played. I’m nothing if not fair. Hehe…

Best Frustrating Game: Lord of the Rings (LoTR)

I’m not saying LoTR is a bad game, but it is without question an incredibly frustrating one. On many occasions I could not continue the storyline quests (which have the best rewards) because I have to find 5 other guys to form a fellowship to take on the quest. You see LoTR Online is filled with group quests that require you to have a full fellowship of 6 to have a chance of finishing the quest. Not only that, the game is pack with chain quests in which you have to do one quest to get to the next and only after you have finish the whole chain will you get a reward. However good luck finding 5 guys who are on the same map as you; who are on the same chain as you and who are on the same quest as you. Even joining a guild (called a kinship here) isn’t of much help. One or two guys in the kin may be willing to help, but 5? Good luck

Most Boneheaded Move: 9Dragons

9Dragons is a MMORPG in which you are running around ancient China learning kung-fu and trying to find out the fate of the 9 major heroes and villains of the world. It’s a good game. Interesting story, good gameplay, fair graphics, and I played it for a long time. My highest character was in the mid 50s when Acclaim put in one of the most boneheaded move in MMORPG history. They put a flashing advertisement at the top of the screen. So here I am running around in ancient China and there is a flashing advertisement asking me to click there to enter a lucky draw. How in the world was I supposed to immerse myself in a game set in ancient China when there is a modern advertisement at the top of the screen? Does that make sense to anyone?

Best Buggy: Age of Conan (AoC)

To be fair Funcom had cleared most of the bugs from the game but it took them a long time to do so. Most of the time, I wait about 5 months to a year after the game come out before I will buy the game because I know that the company will need about that time to clear the bugs in the game. But AoC was something else. I played about 5 months after the game came out and it was still full of bugs. I will give Funcom credit; they put patches after patches to solve the problems. However bugs which were fixed in one patch can come back later in a later patch and all the patches cut into my playtime. Most of the bugs in AoC had been cleared but it was a problem which should never occurred in the first place.

Most UnDownloadable Game: Runes of Magic

I heard good things about the game, so I thought to try it out. I tried to download the game online, and tried, and tried, and finally gave up. I went to a whole host of website to download Runes of Magic but it was just impossible. All of them were either packed or filled with errors that made it impossible to download the game. Here’s a suggestion to companies who want to put out a MMORPG; if you don’t come out with a disc to install the game, then make sure gamers can have a way to download it online.

Most Ridiculous Grind: Grand Chase Online

Grand Chase Online is a little different from most other MMORPG. Grand Chase has a grand map in which you select which dungeon to go into. You beat the dungeon and do it well enough, you will get points. Once you get enough points, you can go onto the next dungeon. The big problem for this is the fact that the dungeon never changes! You beat a dungeon but if you don’t have enough points, you will have to redo the dungeon. And the dungeon is always the same; the mobs and boss are always the same; and the mobs and boss are always in the same place. So you have to beat the same mobs and boss in the same dungeon for 10-20 times before you can get enough points to continue. How ridiculous is that?

Most Blatant Rip-off: Wizard 101

Young wizard in a magic school learning from the old erratic headmaster against an evil wizard practicing dark magic. I dare anyone who had played the game to tell me Wizard 101 isn’t a rip-off of Harry Potter.


Anonymous said...

Runes of Magic is great. And I had no trouble downloading. I dunno where you went, but you can download right from the homepage. If you use a mirror like Gamerhell, use Mozilla or Opera, not IE or Chrome. The only bad part is the amount of time to download and update.

Ghost said...

Actually the website is the first place I check but it directed me to mirror sites. Maybe I try again in a couple of months

Anonymous said...

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