Friday, May 22, 2009

Comics this week

Street Fighter II Turbo #6- The SF Alpha guest-stars continue, and add to them are certain other members of Final Fight and SF III. Rolento, Birdie, Cody, Hugo, Poison, and even Hagger from Final Fight add to the world of SF. It seems that Udon is trying to franchise the SF world; there’s even a backstory on Final Fight and a question posed to readers if they would be interested in a series on the story of Final Fight. Not too sure about a series on a game as old as Final Fight but if I can see more of Guy, I’m all for it.

Stormwatch #21- Jackson King is well on his way to be a supervillain. This issue show further how the pressure of being of the leader of Stormwatch is getting to him. After his decision on Fuji, now he makes another one on Winter. With the Night Tribes on the move, King decides to drop Winter in the middle of them and use the battle to hopefully re-trigger his connection to the sun. It didn’t quite work but against all advice King refused to recall Winter. I like the fact that Winter got his full power back. The stoic Russian is one of the most powerful human on Earth but has been constantly overlook by various Stormwatch writers. If Winter truly got his sun connection back, The Night Tribes are in for a world of hurt.

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