Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Theme Park Destroyed Before It Even Open

One of the funniest ideas for a theme park is a park, christened "Love Land" by its owners, which featured explicit exhibits of genitalia. Supposedly, the sex theme park was to boost sexual awareness and improve people's sex-lives

I have seen some photographs of the adult-only park and to say it was risqué should be an understatement. I mean there are exhibits of giant-sized reproductions organs (of both male and female variety), dissertations on how the topic of sex is treated in various cultures and reports say that there were plans for "sex technique workshops."

Was this park in America or Europe? Nope, this sex theme park was built in China. China where pornography is banned, sex education is unheard of, and there is almost no public discussion of sex. So I wasn't surprised when Chinese authorities destroy the park before it was ever opened. What were the investors thinking of imagining such a theme park will be allowed in China?

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