Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Only Way

North Korea conducted its second nuclear test on Monday, and hours after the test the U.N. Security Council condemned the nuclear test as a violation of a 2006 resolution and almost promised that new sanctions will be slap against the reclusive nation. Even allies China and Russia voiced strong opposition to the nuclear test.

After the swift condemnation, you would think that North Korea’s bet on its nuclear test has backfired on the country. I believe you are wrong. I think North Korea knew of the swift condemnation from the world and went ahead with the test anyway. For all of Barack Obama’s talk of an open hand for talks, North Korea’s immediate problems are not the U.S but South Korea.

South Korean President Lee Myung Bak has turned his back on his presidential predecessor’s Sunshine Policy and relations between the two Koreas had been on a downward spiral ever since Lee Myung Bak took over the presidency. Technically the two Koreas are still at war. I mean what do the North Korean have to lose with the nuclear test?

Some people might ask what good is diplomacy with North Korea but the hermit kingdom has been under sanctions for years so what’s the use of a couple more? Sanctions are not working and who want to fight against a country with nuclear weapons? So war is out as well. Lee Myung Bak has a hard line stance on North Korea and the result is North Korea doing its second nuclear test in 3 years. So more stick from the world will most likely result in a worse situation in the Korea peninsula.

That’s why I believe diplomacy is the only way to go.

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