Monday, May 4, 2009

Cull the Humans

In a vast overreaction to the swine flu, Egypt has begun to cull more than 300,000 pigs in the country. This is even though UN experts say that this is not necessary to prevent swine flu. Despite its name, there has been no report of the flu being spread by pigs. The virus was named because it was created when various pig, bird and human viruses were mixed together inside a pig. In fact experts say that pork, even from infected pigs, are safe to eat.

However the Egypt government is not taking any chances. It was criticized two years ago for responding too slowly to the bird flu crisis, so for them it’s better safe than sorry this time. Now when humans are infected by animals, we culled the animals. When Mad Cow was first discovered, we culled cows. When bird flu was here, we killed birds. Now it’s the pigs turn, even though humans can’t get sick from pigs.

Now my question is what happens when animals are infected by humans? In Vancouver Canada, the swine flu virus was passed from a farmworker to pigs. Animals are in danger of getting the flu from humans! Maybe the Egyptian government should take no chances and cull humans instead.

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