Friday, June 5, 2009

Comics this week

War of Kings #4- The Fraternity of Raptors finally makes their debut in the War of Kings. Placing themselves firmly on the Shi'ar side of the war, we finally get to know what “The Great Purpose” is. Hopefully we can see more of them and the Fraternity can stay longer than the Guardians of the Galaxy. After their debut last issue, the Guardians disappeared this issue. I have to wonder why Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning put Guardians of the Galaxy in the war if they are going to last all of half an issue only. However the main development this issue is the questioning both Black Bolt and Vulcan faced by their subjects. Ronan and Crystal questioned how Black Bolt is conducting of the war while the simmering tension in the Shi’ar break open as Lilandra, with help from the Starjammers and Gladiator, tried to lead an open revolt against Vulcan. Unfortunately for them, a good section of the Shi’ar much rather prefer Vulcan to the woman who lost to Vulcan and got them into this position in the first place. At the end of the issue, Vulcan’s position actually got stronger as the revolt suffered a major loss and he gained an ally in the Fraternity. Bad news for the Kree.

Irredeemable #3- What happen when your enemy turned from a good guy to a bad guy? That’s the main question faced by Plutonian’s enemies as they gather to wonder how they could protect themselves from a Superman who now has no problem killing them if he want to. Mark Waid probe a little deeper into Plutonian and even gave him a dark sense of humor. However he left enough behind to continue the mystery and leave you wondering if Plutonian has turned bad or has he turned mad? Interesting plot and good writing, if you like these then this is the series for you.

Secret Six #10 – R&R time for the Six is over and they are back on the job. Finally we get see the Six as the no-good sick and twisted super-villains they truly are! Working for slavers, gunning down a defenseless woman running from them; this is the way super-villains should be. I also like the blooming relationship between Scandal and Bane which is weird but sweet at the same time. Gail Simone; keep this coming!

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