Monday, June 1, 2009

EPL this season

It’s finally over. The EPL season is over and Man Utd surprised no one by winning the title. Newcastle going down was a surprise but the relegation of Middlesbrough and West Brom were not. Overall the season was a little bit of a disappointment as the gap between the Big 4 and the rest of the league got bigger again. Here’s my view on the best performers this season.

Best Manager this season- Roy Hodgson
Roy Hodgson from Fulham has done a wonderful job this season. Last season Fulham was flirting with relegation, this season they were flirting with Europe. Hodgson did all this without spending a lot of money and without a star player on the team. I’m not saying David Moyes from Everton do not deserve the Manager of the Year award, but in my view Roy Hodgson did an even better job this season.

Best Player this season- Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard
Steven Gerrard is in my view heads and tails the best player this season. He was the driving force behind the Liverpool’s attack and the main reason why Liverpool pushed Man Utd for the title. He was so important that Liverpool looked kind of lost whenever he was injured. If he and Fernando Torres hadn’t been injured, who knows?

Most Improved Team this season- Aston Villa
For a long time this season, it looked like there would be a change in the Big 4. Aston Villa pushed Arsenal hard before falling away badly in the latter part of the season. However manager Martin O’Neill put together a young exciting team that has great potential for the future. They need a bigger squad (O’Neill used about 20 players the whole season) and someone to replace Martin Laursen in the centre of defense, but once they do that, I expect Villa to go from strength to strength.

Surprise Team this season- Fulham
Read above on Roy Hodgson. That’s all the reason you need to know why I feel Fulham is the surprise of the season.

Most Disappointing Team this season- Tottenham Hotspur
After they won the Carling Cup last year, everyone was expecting great things from Spurs this season. They started badly and Juande Ramos was hastily fired. Harry Redknapp steadied the ship and bought Spurs to safety but safety is not the same as challenging for the title.

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