Friday, June 12, 2009

Swine Flu Epidemic

For the first time in 41 years, there is a global flu epidemic. The swine flu has now been formally declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).

It is hoped that a formal declaration will speed up vaccine production and spur governments to spend more to combat the swine flu. Although swine flu has caused only 144 deaths so far, it has reached 74 countries and infected nearly 29,000 people. By calling it an epidemic, the WHO is basically saying that swine flu is unstoppable.

The declaration has long been expected and it’s not expected to make much difference. However the swine flu is still going strong in many places in the world. In Argentina this week, thousands have flooded hospitals due to fears of the swine flu. China even quarantined the mayor of New Orleans on the slight suspicion of having contact with an infected person.

With such fears in the world, it fitting to call swine flu a global epidemic


Anonymous said...

The time is ripe for world population control, as fear-mongering by various government and their controlled-media hype of the H1N1 sensation. People, however, can see through the facade and hype that underlies the story.

With more and more people not willing to play into the hands that feed us the stories, a new, long term worry is forced upon us -the next wave.

What is the objective of such mass conditioning and propaganda?

Ghost said...

I'm not sure you can call it fear-mongering when swine flu has infected 29,000 people already.

Gar said...

In 2005, 1.1 million people died from Diabetes. That's a little over 91,000 per month.

So, I'd say 29,000 people getting sick is fear mongering.

I live in Texas and I've yet to meet anyone that knows anyone that has been sick.

Ghost said...

I think the main diffrence is that we KNOW about diabetes and if you are interested, there's infomation on what to do to prevent or avoid it. Swine flu is an unknown, and it has infected over 29,000 people in a few months only. Calling it fear mongering is too harsh in my view.