Monday, June 15, 2009

Uh…so what’s so major about this?

In what was touted as a major policy speech about his Mideast peacemaking intentions, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called for creation of a limited Palestinian state for the first time. Good, fine and well, but the devils is in the details. Prime Minister Netanyahu say that he will only accept the state if it was disarmed.

So what Prime Minister Netanyahu wants is a demilitarized Palestinian state alongside Israel which the Palestinians will have to recognize as a state of the Jewish people, of course. In return he will then accept the Palestinian state. Now I know Netanyahu has been under intense pressure from U.S President Barack Obama, but that’s no excuse for him to be stupid. How in the world does he even dream of striking a deal with the Palestinians with terms like that? Does he truly believe that the Palestinians will accept being beside a country with over 200 nuclear warheads without even having an army of their own? That’s not even counting the Palestinian refugee problem which he also said must be "outside Israel."

Prime Minister Netanyahu has been called a lot of things but stupid isn’t one of them. It seems that this is a clear smokescreen to lift some pressure from their side, which I can understand, but this is NOT a major policy speech. It’s just a major smokescreen.

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