Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a Joke!

After a transfer saga that lasted over a year, Cristiano Ronaldo has finally said goodbye to Manchester United and hello to Real Madrid. A lot of ink had been used to dissect his 80 million pounds move and while I’m not actually against the move, the funniest thing I read so far is how Real Madrid’s new president Florentino Perez had tried to convince the world that Madrid would make money out of the deal.

What a joke! Even if we do not add in the money they spend on Kaka and David Villa, Ronaldo’s deal is worth 9.5 million pounds in his first year with a 25% increase for every year. That’s 183,000 pound a week! That’s not even adding Kaka’s salary that is 9 million a year.

Forget the transfer fees, just the salary of these two will bankrupt most clubs. And although the Spanish giant will certainly not be bankrupt by the moves, thinking (even lying) about making money is hilarious. What a joke.

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