Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Golden Wig?

Taiwan is famous/ infamous in Asia for its no-holds barred, winner-take-all political scene. Go to Youtube and I’m sure you can see some of the fights that had taken place in the Taiwan parliament. However the case I read yesterday took the cake.

A man was sentenced to 5 months jail for snatching the toupee off the head of ruling Nationalist Party lawmaker Chiu Yi. When Chiu went to file a complaint against former president Chen Shui-bian in December last year, he was met by a group of people who were in support of Chen. Huang Yung-tien, 50, who was the leader of the said-group, snatched the toupee off Chiu revealing to the whole Taiwan his bald head.

That in itself is funny, but what’s hilarious is the 5 months jail term. A 5 months jail term who tearing off a wig? Some people don’t get that much time for stealing money! What kind of wig is it? Maybe it’s made of gold

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