Saturday, August 8, 2009

Comics this week

Irredeemable #5- After the highlight destruction of Singapore last issue, this was a let-down. Mark Waid has slowly fed readers on the reasons of Plutonian’s rampage across the world and this is the case this issue as well. However a failed affair with a married super-heroine is just too standard to get my interest. However the Modeus robots are finally going somewhere so hopefully there are better things ahead.

Secret Six #12 – Wonder Woman showed up on the scene and Deadshot went: “I heard Batman took her down once.” Catman: “I’m sure that’s how it went down.” And then they turn tail and ran for it. Now these are super-villains. When meeting a superior foe, they are not going to stay and fight the good fight; they will run for it and it was fun to read.

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