Friday, August 28, 2009

Comics this week

Nova #27- Richard Rider prove his mettle as Nova Prime as he found a way to diplomatically led his small team to safety as well as keeping Blastaar on his side. It was interesting to see how much Rider has grown into a leader who can take control of a potentially explosive situation and turn it to his advantage by talking instead of blasting. He then setup the foundation of the Nova Corps by allowing some of the Nova Corps members to stay behind for training. Yes, Richard Rider has turned from a green daredevil into a veteran leader.

Guardians of the Galaxy #16- “So how do we get a fifty-zillion ton inter-dimensional space-squid to let go of a self-propelled interstellar city? Note to self…sometimes I know exactly how Jack Flag feels.” Yes! After a few issues on cruise control, Guardians of the Galaxy is back! At the start it was hilariously funny (Groot is a genius who only Maximus can understand), but in the end it turn into a mammoth tragedy as members died and Warlock turned himself into the Magus to save the universe. Some good might just turn out from the disappointing War of Kings as the Guardians of the Galaxy now has a firm enemy in the Universal Church of Truth. Great story, story art; regular service is back!

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