Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?

Most people consider America a little crazy at times but I read something that may just bring America out of the ‘crazy’ category right into the ‘insane’ category.

About a dozen people were openly carrying guns as they joined protesters outside a convention center where U.S President Barack Obama was giving a speech. Evidently, this is not an isolated case as protesters have openly displayed firearms near the president before.

What’s stranger is that they are allowed to do so! Police said that no crimes were committed as no permits were required, and so no one was arrested. Something about their American constitutional right to bear arms and protest.

Sorry but in America you are allowed to bring a gun near your president? A group of men bring guns outside the building where the country’s president is at, and law enforcement officers cannot arrest them? That is just unbelievable. If someone just bring a knife anywhere near our Prime Minister, the Singapore police would catch the guy and throw the keys away.

And you know what; that’s the way it should be! It’s amusing (and a little ridiculous) what is allowed in America.

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