Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Pink Rant

Waiting at a traffic light, I saw a London taxi pass by. Now a London taxi in Singapore isn’t surprising, but this taxi is in pink. PINK!

Now with the sheer numbers of taxi companies in Singapore, taxis now come in various makes, models, shape, sizes and colors. Usually I couldn’t care less what’s the color of the taxi or even what company it’s from but I draw the line at pink taxis. A taxi in pink is just wrong! There is just something fundamentally wrong with a taxi in pink color. It's just stupid, period!

I feel sorry for the middle-age uncle driving this taxi; just imagine the jokes he has to put up with! LTA should do something like ban pink taxis or something because a PINK taxi is just wrong.


Koalacling said...

Oooh, but I think they are lovely! London cab style, right? I think they appeal to ladies and folks who like a retro twist. :D

Ghost said...


Koalacling said...

Yes, I think that shade of bandung pink's pretty cool. Heh, I guess different people dig different things. ;)