Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fire Hazard?

I have been living in the same HDB flat for the past 20 years. For almost all of those years, my mother has always had a few potted plants outside our flat.

Now these are small potted plants placed along the common corridor, and not once has there been any problem whatsoever on those plants. Suddenly we received a notice from the town council stating that these potted plants are a ‘fire hazard’ and we have to get rid of these potted plants.

Sorry but has fire suddenly became more dangerous recently? How is it that for over 20 years these small potted plants were perfectly okay, but suddenly they became a fire hazard? In fact I dare say that if our potted plants are not allowed, then HDB might as well ban all households in HDB estates from having potted plants. This is because my mother only has 3 small ones now. If those are a ‘fire hazard’, then all potted plants are ‘fire hazards’!

We’re still awaiting a reply but maybe some Singaporeans out there can help me understand just what the town council is thinking.


Zenebi said...

I see the stupid notice has spread to your block. The notice came to my dad's much earlier but he is ignoring it and I support it. We had potted plants outside since I was kid and all of a sudden, it's a fire hazard!? My dad's plants aren't blocking the corridor so no obstructions there either.

Ghost said...

Talk about stupid right. 20 years; not a fire hazard. Now; a fire hazard. Stupid