Friday, December 4, 2009

Comics this week

Siege: The Cabal- After the disappointing ‘Civil War’, came the slightly more interesting ‘Dark Reign’. However whatever interest I had in Dark Reign had disappeared long, long ago. To me, ‘Dark Reign’ had lasted way too long and wore out its welcome long ago. For this reason, I am looking forward to ‘Siege’. Norman Osborn's (in)sanity and grasp on reality are showcased again as the Cabal officially breaks up. I have to say I never knew Dr. Doom to be such a firm allay of Namor, although his later comment that a war against Asgard was unwinnable was perhaps his real reason why he broke with Osborn. To me, this was an okay one-shot but the main ‘Siege’ series need to be a lot better to get me to buy it.

Nova #32- For the past few issues, Nova had been a little lost. A lot of this was due to the number of mega cosmic events that come one after another. The latest one is ‘Realms of Kings’ and Nova #32 is the tie-in. Yes, it’s another tie-in. After last issue, Nova and Darkhawk have been pulled into the Fault and now find themselves in a version of Egypt. They were led there by the classic villain, Sphinx, who also captured Mr. Fantastic, Black Bolt and Namorita. Yes, some of these guys are dead already. Nothing makes sense but it is intriguing. Hopefully, there will some good answer to all the questions.

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