Saturday, December 26, 2009

Comics this week

Guardians of the Galaxy #21- The Fault seems to be new “Big Bad” for Marvel’s cosmic line. This time an entity from the Cancerverse piggyback its way back to our universe and killed several people. Moondragon stopped it by accepting it into her body and discovered more about it. It seem very out of character for Moondragon but I found it interesting that when asked to describe the Cancerverse, Moondragon said that is was a universe where “life has won”. Who knows; maybe the Cancerverse is more interesting than I thought.

Irredeemable #9- After the revelations of why Plutonian went rouge, I thought it would pave the way for the future in this series. I was wrong because writer Mark Waid seem determined to go into Plutonian’s past. This issue is a flashback to when the Paradigm was formed. Sorry but as interesting as it was to read how Plutonian went into a nervous breakdown, it’s been 9 issues already. Enough with the flashbacks already!

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