Thursday, December 17, 2009

Group of the Decade

Now I never consider myself a huge music fan. I listen to it on radio but I don’t have any favorites except for Melissa Etheridge. However even I take issue with Billboard magazine naming Nickelback as the group of the decade.

Billboard released a list of the top music stars of the 2000s based on their chart success and while Eminem, followed by Usher, Nelly, Beyonce and Alicia Keys grabbed the top 5 spots, Nickelback came in 7th; making it the most successful band this decade.

Now I’m not a Nickelback hater because they do have quite a number of good songs. Their song ‘Rock Star’ was very good in my view but “Group of the Decade”? What about Green Day, The Fray, or even the criminally over-rated White Stripes? In the 90s, the group that defined the decade was Nirvana; in the 2000s, it is…Nickelback.


Hartley said...

"Group of the Decade" is a big statement, as well as a hard decision (for me at least) considering the fact that a lot of the music stunk (I like the White Stripes better than those other groups though). Also, did they mean a group that is definitive of the decade, or a group that made the best music of the decade? If its the former, I guess Kanye West might be a candidate. Daft Punk would be a good one, although I don't think they're as definitive of the "Popular Music" scene.

Ghost said...

Uh...Kanye West isn't a group. His ego won't be able to handle it. Personally I can't think of anyone (solo or group) that definite the decade.