Wednesday, December 9, 2009

For Peace & War

As U.S. President Barack Obama arrive in Oslo, Norway to collect his Nobel Peace Prize, I am wondering how he would approach the little touchy subject of ordering over 30,000 more troops into war.

Now I have said before that I do not think Obama deserved this award and this is one of the reasons why. He has been president for less than a year, just ordered over 30,000 more troops to war, and he is collecting the Nobel Peace Prize the week after.

It’s funny and at the same time highly ridiculous. However the Nobel committee has no one to blame but themselves for this laughable situation. The award to Obama was unexpected and many people have been critical of the award. To his credit, Obama admitted that he did not deserve the award.

So as he collect his Nobel Peace Prize, Obama will have to justify how he could receive the award after ordering over 30,000 troops to war the week before. I don’t envy his position and he will get stick for it but I don’t blame him either.

The blame lies solely on the shoulders of the Nobel committee who gave the award to him way too early for anyone liking.


Anonymous said...

I thought he was going to win the Nobel Prize for Economics because he saved the economy and is giving Americans heath-care for the very first time.

I guess that's next year.


Anonymous said...

I thought I should have won, I haven't fought with my wife in more than a year. -Ron

Anonymous said...

Derrick says:

The world community wants nothing more than a weak, contrite America. And Obama is delighted to give it to them.

Unfortunately, we have to live with the consequences of Obama:

The constant lying.
The staggering arrogance.
The dangerous narcissism.
The astounding incompetence.

Consistently, polls show that 50 percent of Americans strongly disapprove of the way he is performing as our president -- the fastest decline of any president in modern history. Americans know Obama best.

Let's continue to stand strong against Obama in every way and get Congress out of the hands of the insane Pelosi and Reid in 2010.

Obama is a smug, smirking con man. Nothing more.

Ghost said...

You haven't fought with your wife in more than a year? Ron, you deserved it more than Obama.

Ghost said...

To Derrick:
Obama is a smug, smirking con man? He is the most powerful man in the world, he has a right to be smug. Lying, arrogance, and Incompetence however are different matters. At least he is better than the last guy you had