Saturday, December 5, 2009

The World Cup Draw

The draw is done and the groups for the World Cup are now known. This is the first time it is held in Africa, South Africa to be exact, and this is my breakdown of the groups.

Group A- 1. France 2. South Africa 3. Mexico 4. Uruguay
Yes, I know France was lucky against Ireland but with the players they have, you have to fancy them topping the group. As the host of the World Cup had always gone into the second round, I will give the second spot to South Africa. However both teams will have to be careful because Mexico is capable of springing a surprise or two.

Group B- 1. Argentina 2. South Korea 3. Nigeria 4. Greece
Argentina's coach Diego Maradona has made a total mess of the team but this is one of the easier groups in the tournament so they should top it. The second spot will be a toss-up between Nigeria and South Korea as I’m not that impressed with Greece.

Group C- 1. England 2. United States 3. Slovenia 4. Algeria
"BEST ENGLISH GROUP SINCE THE BEATLES," was the headline in England's The Sun. The English were overjoyed with being in arguably the easiest group of them all. The second spot is a total toss-up as the Americans, Slovenia and Algeria are all confident about their chances.

Group D- 1. Serbia 2. Germany 3. Ghana 4. Australia
Although most people would pick Germany, Serbia was very powerful in qualifying. Their defense was rock-solid and I personally think this current German team is a little over-rated. Still, both teams should on paper go through to the next round.

Group E- 1. Cameroon 2. Holland 3. Denmark, 4. Japan
I think this group is more difficult than most people thinks. Holland has a well-deserved reputation for choking on the big stage and while Ivory Coast may be the most talented Africa team, Cameroon is arguably the best African team in the draw. However both Demark and Japan are no pushovers and I think we might be in for a shock in this group.

Group F- 1. Italy 2. Slovakia 3. Paraguay 4. New Zealand
The Italians are the defending champion so they should go through. New Zealand is the worst team in the tournament so they are out. The second spot will be between Slovakia and Paraguay, and I have to pick Slovakia because of their good qualifying run.

Group G- 1. Brazil 2. Ivory Coast 3.Portugal 4. North Korea
The dreaded ‘Group of Death’ with Brazil, Portugal, and Ivory Coast all capable of having a good run in the tournament. All 3 teams have players who can turn games on their heads but I have to go for Brazil and Ivory Coast because Portugal was just terrible in qualifying. North Korea will need a miracle to have a chance in this group.

Group H- 1. Spain 2. Chile 3. Switzerland 4. Honduras
Spain has a reputation for choking on the big stage like Holland, but that was before they won Euro 2008. They have shown they are capable of winning a big title and barring injury, I pick Spain as my favorites to win the World Cup. Chile cruised through the South American group which is never easy, so they are my pick for second place while Switzerland and Honduras do not have the attacking threat to make much impact.

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