Monday, December 21, 2009

World Cup Fees

Of all the sporting events next year, the one that most Singaporeans are looking forward to is the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Unfortunately for Singapore, it seems that Singaporeans may not be able to watch the matches from South Africa. There are only 2 television stations in Singapore and both SingTel and StarHub had put in a joint offer to FIFA. Now they’re not doing this because they like each other but because the televised rights to the football World Cup had risen 3 times from the last World Cup in 2006 and neither company believe it would be viable for them to telecast the World Cup alone.

When Starhub and Singtel are forced to work together, you know the fees must be incredibly expensive. Frankly if that is the case, I cannot see how it can still be worth it to most Singaporeans. In 2006, I paid around $25 to see the World Cup in Germany. If it’s up 3 times, that means I may have to above $75 to watch this World Cup.

$75 for a channel that would only last 1 month? Even for a football fan like myself, that’s a steep price to pay.


cy said...

there's no free lunch in the world

on the other hand, there' free luch in the world, but you have to find someone to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

It's still cheaper than flying all the way to South Africa to watch the individual matches.

Or you can install your own satellite dish...

Ghost said...

...or you can just don't watch it