Friday, October 1, 2010

Comic this week

Artifacts #2- At the end of last issue, Sara Pezzini’s sister was executed by Aphorodite IV. This issue is strictly about the immediate aftermath of the murder and the kidnapping of Hope, daughter of Sara and Jackie Estacado. As bearers of the Witchblade and the Darkness respectively, Sara and Jackie are all about finding Aphorodite and turning her into scrap metal. With Dani Baptiste, bearer of the Angelus IV, and Tom Judge, bearer of the Rapture, showing up, this is the set-up issue. Not a bad issue but so far we had only seen 4 of the 13! Hopefully, this does not mean the series will be a constant set-up piece where one bearer after another showed up. I want to see all of them together and get on with it.

Star Wars: Blood Ties #2- I am unsure who Tom Taylor is but if he keeps this up, I’m going to be a fan of his. Picking up right where #1 dropped off, Taylor wrote a tale that gave great background on what kind of a man Jango Fett was. He was both a ruthless mercenary and a good father to Boba. Credit has to be given to Chris Scalf as well on his excellent artwork. An excellent issue on a very promising series.

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time #5- After 4 issues of excellent work, this was a little of a drop off. However that is something that can’t be helped as little happened in this issue. The scene after the battle has Rand, Lan, and Moiraine getting ready to leave Two Rivers and a teary goodbye between Rand and Tam. Personally, I don’t remember it as that big of a scene. It’s important in a way as this was the moment Rand decided to leave Two Rivers but nothing happened that deserved one whole issue to! I also don’t remember Moiraine being as mother-hen as she was portrayed in this issue. In the book she was always, shall we say “intelligent” in getting what she wants, but I don’t remember sympathy being one of her traits!

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