Friday, October 22, 2010

Why America?

Terrorism made the Singapore news again. A Singaporean, Mr. Balraj Naidu, was convicted in America for conspiring to provide weapons to Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka.

The U.S. Justice Department said Mr. Balraj Naidu was part of a group that tried to buy U.S.-made weapons and ammunition and provide them to the Tamil Tigers to be used against Sri Lankan government forces. Another Singaporean, Mr. Haniffa Bin Osman, was also convicted on the same matter but more attention has been paid to Mr. Balraj Naidu as he is a founding member of a political party, the Reform Party, here in Singapore.

However this post is not really about politics or even Mr. Balraj Naidu. This post is about why the hell was Mr. Balraj Naidu being charged in America in the first place? Now I understand that the Tamil Tigers was designated as a foreign terrorist organization by America, but I still find this charge to be very strange. The U.S. Justice Department openly admits that the weapons are to be used in Sri Lanka and they were never intended to be used against America or any American citizens.

So…why are the 2 Singaporeans being charge in America for? I can understand it if Sri Lanka charge them but America? The Tamil Tigers never attacked America, America never send troops to Sri Lanka; basically America got nothing to do with the Sri Lankan civil war. A civil war which is now over because the Tigers were defeated in 2009!

Why is America getting involved in a civil war which is now over and over weapons which were never intended for use against America? I mean they are Singaporeans but you don’t see the Singapore government charging Mr. Balraj Naidu or Mr. Haniffa Bin Osman for helping the Tamil Tiger do you?

And we shouldn’t because Singapore got nothing to do with the Sri Lankan civil war! Not only is the war over, it is also none of Singapore’s business! It also got nothing to do with America.

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