Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Time Is Over

A lot of Singaporeans are screaming “YES!” when the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) said that they are looking to send a team to play in the Malaysia Cup again. As Singapore was once part of Malaysia, our football team played in the Malaysia Cup even after independence.

This lasted till 1994 when Singapore withdrew from the competition. A lot of Singaporeans fondly remembered our time in the Malaysia Cup when 50,000 fans would pack the National Stadium in Kallang to roar on the Singapore Lions. Nostalgia might be great but anyone hoping (or praying) for a return to those time will be disappointed.

For one thing, talks are centered on a Singapore Selection team playing in the Malaysia Cup. Would Singaporeans cheer on a Singapore team made up foreigners? Another thing is that Singapore no longer has a National Stadium! It’s been tore down for the new Sport Hub, which won’t be ready for at least another few years.

Even if we return to the Malaysia Cup, it would not be the same. The Kallang Roar is dead, the National Stadium is gone, and no matter how Singaporeans miss them, they are not coming back. The time of the Malaysia Cup is over.

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